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BenXLs system is deployed as either an N-tier client/server system or as a web-based environment. The client/server architecture is implemented using thin-client application servers. Client/server applications run on the 10Base-Ethernet networks. BenXL provides standard interfaces for JAVA and COM clients. To interact with the application server, BenXL uses TCP/IP as network protocol in normal and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) forms, a functionality that provides for easy integration with other corporate applications. Through DBDLL Connect, the system connects with relational databases such as Oracle, Sybase, MSSQL, MS Access, DB2 (Mainframe or PC) and FoxPro. The data access interface is not fixed to any database system, so clients can switch database systems anytime without changing their applications.
The BenXL server can be deployed in a multi processor/multi server environment. In order to load balance the server, the BenXL application and Batch servers can be configured to queue the jobs across multiple servers. BenXL also provides the Batch queues to process the request in a batch mode. Both the application and Batch servers can be configured to scale based on the number of users or number of calculations to be performed within a certain period of time.
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