BenXL Application Server (BAS)
BenXL Application Server (BAS) is a modern application server designed to perform all benefit calculations in the centralized server(s). The BenXL application server provides:
Reliability and Performance
A number of features make BAS a more reliable and better performer.
Restart Feature
This allows an administrator to restart App services without rebooting the computer.
BenXL Provided Services
Application Protection provides the ability to run applications in a pool, separate from the Windows services.
CPU Throttling and Socket Pooling
Performance can be improved through new features such as advanced caching functions and the ability to participate with third party TP monitors such as MTS or COM+.
Crash Recovery In a multi server mode, co- servers can automatically recover catastrophic failure in one server. Other servers will automatically recover all the jobs assigned to the failed server.
Socket Pooling Another area in which BAS addresses performance is by adding the ability to optimize access to your applications. In BAS, the server listens to the requests in asynchronous mode with thread pooling.
BAS is easy to install and maintain with its new simplified installation process and new Microsoft Management Console (MMC).
BAS can be configured to scale both vertically and horizontally. Applications can be deployed on multiple servers that work as a single cluster. These servers can balance the load for both concurrent users as well as batch applications. The setting of caching functions to eliminate redundant database calls can further optimize scalability.
Debugging Tools
A variety of log files are produced while running the system. These log files can be used for debugging purposes. There is an option in the plan provision setup to turn on debug files. These files will track the variables and their values while performing a benefit calculation. Any other variables can be printed using plan provision entry.
Standard IDE
This IDE allows the user to develop applications with data access, UI, actuarial business logic, and reporting applications.