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BenXL’s solutions to the pension and retirement needs of today’s companies are tri-fold. We have developed our highly complex Pension Administration program for benefit administrators, our Participant Center for employees as well as our Retirement Planner. Altogether they provide a complete set of tools to streamline, facilitate and expedite processes not only for the benefits administrators but for the participants too.
Our Pension Administration system automates and simplifies pension administration functions for Defined Benefits plans. Major corporations as well as third party administrators use this product to perform integrated plan management of every known complexity. Read more >>
The Retirement Planner allows an employee to combine the current pension data along with other sources of income and expenses for projecting the retirement financial assets. A built-in advisor guides employees through all possible options to meet their financial goals. Read more >>
The Participant Center awards employees the ability to access all their benefits related information online. This system gives participants the ability to modify their address and beneficiary details, calculate or estimate benefits from their own workstation, submit requests to back office personnel, and more. Read more >>
The Call Center facilitates the flow of information from participants' requests to back-office processes. With a user-friendly interface, service representatives are enabled to to perform a wide array of administrative functions. Read more >>