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Participant Center:
The Participant Center enables employees to perform benefit calculations, estimates and projections using the same engine as the administrator. Participants may use actual dates of retirement, termination, death or disability as well as inputted dates for what-if scenarios, and may view all relevant payment options at varying commencement dates. Because the calculation results are permanently stored in the system, users may create customized forms at any time from current or previous runs.
Some of the functions an employee or participant can perform include:
  • Update their address and beneficiary details online
  • Calculate/Estimate their benefits online
  • Enter requests and download important forms related to Defined Benefits
  • View their earnings and pension details
  • Keep track of their own activity history
  • Send requests to administrator
  • View status of all requests and changes
  • Change password
  • Provide feedback to administrator
The beauty of the Participant Center is in its ease of use and privacy. This online system can be accessed from anywhere on the Internet or on your intranet and can allow employees to retrieve information at any time. This self-service feature thus lightens the burden on your back office personnel.
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