Processes > Our Methodology
BenXL has, over the years, developed a standard approach for all client conversions and implementation projects to ensure that business goals and objectives are met. Baseline documents and forms control each phase. Each implementation provides our clients with the opportunity to provide feedback and validate the recommended solution thus ensuring that the final solution meets specific business goals and objectives. The major phases are outlined below:
The Discovery Phase is the time during which we gather functional requirements, identify existing business processes, business rules, and relevant data. We also collect the requirements for a new set of applications that will either duplicate or improve current processes.
Gap Analysis is the identification of required functionality and system components. Here our team will determine whether the BenXL system support without any modification, with some modification of existing capability, or will not support the existing capability.
The Design Phase is the period when our experts decide how best to tailor BenXL software to accommodate the new/additional/updated functional requirements and their relevant data, keeping in mind the proposed System Architecture.
The Development Phase is the stage for customizing and creating new application according to the design to meet the stated requirements during the Discovery Phase. The customized applications go through Unit, Integration and Regression Testing before being implemented.
The Training Phase BenXL will develop the detailed training plan through discussions with you as a client. This will outline the phases and timeline for your customized training, as well as identify personnel who will attend these training classes. The level and type of training the employee will acquire depends on the level of BenXL usage and functions performed. The delivery approach, training schedules, and its impact will be assessed and documented. Most of the training will be hands on covering day-to-day use of the system and procedures to follow in case of an issue. Actual client data and setup will be used in conducting these training sessions to data integrity and validation.
The Deployment Phase calls for the implementation of major components that constitute the system in the test environment for your company. This implementation will allow the acceptance testing. BenXL uses a phased approach to ensure that there is enough time for you to test these independent modules (processes). All activities involving the installation and release of a system in the Production Environment will be completed in the Deployment Phase. This will include readying the environment, installing the application software, loading the database with Production Data, Training, User Acceptance Testing, activating the Awareness Program, and System Hand Over.
BenXLs phased (incremental development) implementation approach to deploying functions and/or processes allows our clients more time to test and provide feedback to BenXL. This also has the least impact on the cost and deliverables since any change can be easily integrated and documents can be revised.