About Us > The BenXL Advantage
Experience and Knowledge
The success of any software application rests upon the knowledge and wisdom of field experts. We at BenXL have produced the most advanced pension administration systems. Formed by actuaries and benefit consultants in 1989, our company brings decades of pension experience combined with technical expertise to our products and services.
Our customers often quote reliability as the strongest reason for choosing our products. We offered our first full-scale product after three years of reliability testing. BenXL guarantees that our products maintain the highest level of quality alongside every environmental innovation. Today, many large U.S. corporations entrust BenXL with their pension-related business because they are guaranteed long-term support and services at the highest level of quality.
Flexibility and Scalability
We have perfected software designs and product features to suit every user profile. While many benefit plans reflect underlying intricacies that few systems can accommodate, BenXL software administers the most complex plans with a charming simplicity that has been refined over time.
The Technology
Our software is highly versatile and robust. The design of the BenXL system is completely adaptable to paradigm shifts and can be integrated into any client infrastructure: existing legacy systems to the most cutting-edge technologies. Our systems have progressed from DOS to Windows to the World Wide Web and will continue to evolve with the advancement of technology.
Client Driven
BenXL welcomes client feedback and evaluates functionality suggestions immediately. Many of our enhancements are driven by the needs of our clients. Our products are ever changing and features needed by one client are often evaluated and delivered to all clients in subsequent releases and upgrades.
Proven Product
BenXLs system is used by major corporations, and by large financial and insurance institutions that are involved in providing pension administration services to their clients.
Competitive Cost
BenXLs sole business is the development, support and implementation of pension administration software systems. Our resources are completely focused in improving this product and related services to our clients. The standardization of the product along with parameterization allows us to setup plans and processes rapidly with shorter testing cycles and thus delivering our product at very competitive costs.