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BenXL Success Story #1
A diverse industrial company spanning over five industries with nearly 10,000 employees installed the BenXL system for the first time in 1993 using a DOS platform and Dbase database. In 2002 this company seamlessly migrated the BenXL system from DOS to Windows on SQL Server as well as converting to the Internet.
BenXL Success Story #2
A decade ago, a global investment management company with assets of more than $550 billion had a failing pension administration package from another software vendor. It was taking close to a year with tremendous effort to convert just one of their many clients’ plans. Instead of continuing to struggle with the remaining plans, BenXL was approached and asked to step in. BenXL came to the help of this management company and in just under two years had implemented the BenXL system, trained their entire staff and helped convert over twenty clients’ plans for this Fortune 500 Company.
BenXL Success Story #3
A major client of BenXL Technologies, Inc., this global leader in silicon-based technology underwent an enterprise-wide migration from Sybase databases to MS SQL. Along with this migration, they also asked BenXL to develop a web-based Financial Planner product for them. The BenXL system integrated seamlessly as our system uses interchangeable databases. End to end testing of the migration was finished in less than two weeks.
BenXL Success Story #4
This large insurance company became an outsourcer of Defined Benefits administration a few years ago. After reviewing other packages in the marketplace, they decided to bring in the help of BenXL Technologies, Inc. to enter into this new line of business. Today with our system in place, they service numerous clients through the Internet and provide both active and retired participants access to their benefits online. The BenXL System was initially installed on this company’s existing Fox Pro database. In 2002 they easily converted the BenXL system to MS SQL without having to make any changes in the existing pension rules of any of their clients’ plans.
BenXL Success Story #5
An investment management company had several different front ends in place that were running defined benefits calculations for their existing clients. They purchased the BenXL engine to perform all the complicated defined benefits calculations they required behind their existing front-end systems. They were very easily able to incorporate the BenXL calculation system within each of the front-ends that were already in place.
BenXL Success Story #6
A very large holding company underwent an even larger merger. This required the addition of numerous plans in their already existing BenXL system. BenXL was able to incorporate the new plans into this client’s existing system with minimal time and effort.
BenXL Success Story #7
One of our major clients merged with another large company and brought in a number of new plans. BenXL was able to develop and implement these new plans in under a year. BenXL not only implemented their base plans but also incorporated transfer calculations, converted 30,000 lives from numerous sources into their existing Oracle database and seamlessly added the new lives into all their existing functionality (interfaces, extracts, etc.).
BenXL Success Story #8
This major corporation started a Cash Balance plan alongside their existing Final Average Salary plan on their web-based system. BenXL was easily able to incorporate this new plan into their existing system in less than 3 months. BenXL was able to do this because our applications are designed to handle all kinds of Pension Plans and processes. In so doing it allowed both their plan administrators and participants (Participant Center) access to run calculations on both plans via the Internet.