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Retirement Planner:
BenXL’s web-based Retirement Planner is designed to help your employees develop a more informed retirement strategy, specific to an individual needs and objective. Made simple and easy-to-use, hiding an underlying complexity far beyond traditional pension calculators, this interactive planner can track projected asset growth using several income sources, social security, investments and savings.
Based on data either input directly by the user or from a database, BenXL Retirement Planner allows development of a projected financial objective, advising and informing the user to create alternative scenarios that can be added or discarded to the final model.
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The Retirement Planner can be integrated with your current web page and pension administration system.
Some of the features are:
  • Built for Internet/Intranet using latest and proven web technology and features.
  • Immediate access to a snapshot of an employee’s current retirement assets and projections.
  • Data can enter the system through a connection to a DB/DC system database or by direct user input.
  • Built-in Advisor guides decision-making along every part of the financial planning process.
  • Added versatility of creating “what if” scenarios on the side before adding to a final financial model.
  • Easy to read worksheets, graphs and data-driven plain text statements.
  • Access to both participant’s and employer’s 401K plan contributions.
  • Summaries and drill-down details to assist user in creating comprehensive projections.
  • Saving of different scenarios for future use.
  • Worksheet showing year-by-year projections.
  • Default values for ease of use.
BenXL provides a Retirement Planner that uses personal savings, 401(k) balances, expenses, etc. in order to project not only pension benefits but all other kinds of retirement benefits also. It advises the participant how much more money is needed to meet the stated target.